From News Anchor to Online Boutique Owner

I've been asked from time to time how a career news anchor launched an online women's clothing boutique, then made the life decision to walk away from her career to follow this new passion. The answer can be found in a well-known Bible verse.

Matthew 7:7 states, "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you."


My career ambitions have always been quite strong. In my mid-20’s I developed an unrelenting desire to work in TV news, and I knocked down doors until I landed my first newsroom job. In the years that followed, I channeled every experience and worked hard to attain the on-air news reporting and anchoring career that would carry me through more than two decades of my life. 

But recently, the news industry has changed and so have I. In 2021, I developed the urge to venture back into entrepreneurship (I had been self-employed in my mid-20s). E-commerce seemed like a promising and fulfilling direction. But what would be the right fit? 

Seek, and ye shall find. 

As I researched the bounty of online opportunities, I came upon an online academy geared toward new clothing boutique owners. I took the plunge.

The academy taught me everything I needed to get started, including which platform to use for my website and bookkeeping, how to register as a retailer, where to purchase wholesale clothing, and how to market myself amid a world of competition. The academy equipped me with the knowledge and skills to launch and maintain a viable, competitive online boutique.


I’m still in that academy today, and continuously refreshing my skill set. Each piece of clothing you see on has been carefully curated with YOU in mind, for the most striking look, the highest quality, and the best fit at the right price. I hope you find many new favorites at Silk and Briar, and I look forward to expanding further and helping more women from coast to coast look and feel beautiful!  

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The name Silk and Briar is born out of a love for fashion both elegant and casual, and sometimes both at the same time. You will feel confident in any setting in our carefully chosen selections, including classic dresses, maxi dresses, jeans, leggings, jeggings, sweaters, tops, kimonos, shoes, jewelry and more! Browse our collections, update your wardrobe, and come back and see us again!



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